The Committee for Colorado’s Shared Heritage defends strong private property rights for all Coloradans.


Amendment 74 protects all private property owners, including homeowners, businesses, farmers and ranchers, urbanites and suburbanites from state or local governments taking their property by reducing its value without compensation. 

When a government does something to reduce the value of someone’s property, it's only fair to compensate them for the loss. This initiative will ensure that strong private property rights remain a cornerstone of the Colorado way of life for everyone.




Protecting Coloradans

This measure protects all private property owners, including those who grow and raise our food and have invested a lifetime of financial and sweat equity into their property. When a government action takes or devalues property, it is only fair to make sure private property owners are compensated for their losses.




Improving Government

The measure will improve government's accountability to citizens and make elected officials more responsive to voters. Policy makers will be forced to think twice about the potential consequences of their actions and the negative impacts of government action will be harder to ignore. This will create stronger protections for communities across the state.



The Colorado Way of Life

It’s a fact of life in the West; if you take something from someone, you pay for it. Governments should be held to the same standard to keep our shared Colorado heritage strong well into the future. This measure will ensure that strong private property rights remain a cornerstone of the Colorado way of life.




The Colorado Constitution protects property owners when the government takes or damages private property. But many in our communities are being left behind.


Colorado’s Constitution is strong on property rights. But for years, property owners who experience a loss of value due to government action have had no way to seek compensation. Amendment 74 delivers vital protection for all property owners in Colorado, and ensures that state and local governments that reduce property values must pay for what they take. All Coloradans are entitled to this security.

Amendment 74 will fortify strong private property rights as a cornerstone of the Colorado way of life for all citizens of this great state.