As Election Approaches, Out-of-State Cash Floods Colorado to Undermine Private Property Rights

Contact: Shawn Martini
Phone: (303) 895-5070

A recent analysis of late contributions to the committee opposing a measure to protect property rights in Colorado shows a massive influx of out-of-state special interest money, originating mainly from Washington D.C. radical activist groups.

Save Our Neighborhoods, a committee originally led by local governments in Colorado has now been hijacked with more than $5 million from Washington-based progressive and environmental lobbying groups in the last month.

“This late-stage massive influx of Washington D.C. special interest cash trying to subvert Coloradan's property rights should alarm every Colorado voter,” said Chad Vorthmann, Executive Vice President of Colorado Farm Bureau.

While Save Our Neighborhoods has taken every opportunity to criticize donations from supporters of Amendment 74, they have been silent about the source of their own funding.

“Local governments and officials are aligning with dark money groups who are the ones really pulling the strings behind the scenes,” said Vorthmann. “Opponents to Amendment 74 have long used misaligned, out-of-state examples to scare voters. I suppose it is only natural that they would use out-of-state money as well in a last ditch effort to protect their political interests.”

The majority of Save Our Neighborhoods’ recent donations (more than $3,000,000) has come from the Sixteen Thirty Fund, a Washington D.C. dark-money fund that bundles money for a variety of progressive organizations and foundations. More than a million has come from the League of Conservation Voters, a D.C.-based radical environmental organization.

“Washington D.C. political slush funds, unwilling to disclose their donors, have parachuted in to undermine the rights of the everyday Coloradan. What's even worse is that local governments in Colorado are willing to use that money to advocate against property rights of their own constituents.

“The opposition enjoys styling Amendment 74 as a wolf in sheep's clothing. But property owners in Colorado shouldn't have to be a sacrificial lamb of the interests of governments across Colorado, especially when the only people concerned enough to fund the opposition are Washington D.C. dark money groups intent on protecting their political interests,” said Vorthmann.