Private Property Rights Initiative Certified for November Ballot

Contact: Shawn Martini
Phone: (303) 895-5070

Centennial, Colo. – Aug. 28, 2018 – Today, the Colorado Secretary of State certified that the more than 208,000 signatures submitted by the Colorado Farm Bureau included the sufficient amount of valid signatures to put their property rights initiative on the November ballot. The initiative will appear as Amendment 74. 

“Property rights are important to all Coloradans,” says Chad Vorthmann, Executive Vice President of the Colorado Farm Bureau and one of the proponents of the measure. “We saw that support as we worked around the state to gather more than 208,000 signatures. This measure will protect Coloradans and hold government accountable for its actions. We’re excited to take it to the ballot in November.” 

The state Constitution provides protection for when a government action takes or devalues property. Amendment 74 will ensure citizens have a fair opportunity to be compensated for their potential losses due to punitive government action. It protects all private property owners, including homeowners, businesses, farmers and ranchers, urbanites and suburbanites from state or local governments taking their property by reducing its value without compensation. 

“The Colorado Farm Bureau has stood strong on private property rights for generations,” continues Vorthmann. “This is a good government measure that will hold policy makers accountable and give voice to citizens who may be negatively impacted by government action.  We believe that Coloradans have a right to hold their governments accountable and deserve to be compensated when a government does something to reduce the value of their property. It’s only fair.”